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Explore Saint Emilion on a Private Bordeaux Wine Tour Shore Excursion From Bordeaux

2 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux, France

Activity provided by Ophorus

8 hours (approx.) - English


Experience one of our best Bordeaux Wine Tours, shore excursion from Bordeaux Cruise Terminal. This Saint Emilion wine tour from Bordeaux will have you visit vineyards, Grand Cru Chateau wineries and taste right bank Bordeaux red wines.

  • Pick up in Bordeaux with an English speaking guide and a certified guide who has access to monuments and museums.
  • Travel in a spacious Premium minivan with an on board P/A system, free Wi-Fi access and bottled water.
  • Visit a Grand Cru Winery, technical installations and cellars and participate in a commented tasting of the Chateau wines.
  • Private visit of the Underground Monuments, including the hermitage of Émilion, the Trinity Chapel and its medieval paintings, the catacombs and the underground church.
  • Visit two very different wineries to understand how techniques and production can vary from one winery to another.

Embark on a vibrant Shore Excursion from Bordeaux City or Bassens Port of Call to the Saint Emilion wine producing region!

Pick up in Bordeaux

This morning, we will come and pick you up at your Cruise Ship in Bordeaux city or Bassens Cruise Port.  

Meet your English speaking guide who is an expert on Bordeaux Wines. Your driver / guide is also a certified guide which means that he or she is licensed to conduct tours in historical villages such as Saint Emilion and has access to monuments and museums that are not accessible to those that do not possess this licence.

Once you have met your guide, he/she will go over the program and itinerary of your private wine tour with you. Then, board your comfortable, air conditioned Mercedes minivan and begin to make your way to discover the vineyards of the Saint Emilion wine producing region. 

Travel in a spacious Premium minivan

Your private Bordeaux Wine Tour to Saint Emilion will take place in one of our very spacious Mercedes Minivans. This vehicle can take up to 8 persons. 

All our vehicles are equipped with an on board P/A system that allows you to hear the commentary of your driver/guide no matter where you are seated. Also, there is free Wi-Fi access on all tour vehicles. Bottled water is also available in all our vehicles. 

Wine & History combo on a St Emilion full day tour 

This private full day small group wine tasting tour packs a lot of delights. On this exclusive private tour to St Emilion organized by Ophorus, you will have several options such as tasting delicious Bordeaux wines and visiting the most important landmarks. Add to this the rich historical attractions of this UNESCO World Heritage site and you see why this full day option makes for such a great tour.

Depart from Bordeaux and reach the Right Bank wine region

Starting in the city of Bordeaux, a short drive in a comfortable air-conditioned minivan brings you out of the city to the picturesque countryside plains and rolling hills of the right bank wine producing area. This is the heart of Bordeaux’s famous wine region, where many vineyards carry the Saint Emilion AOC designation. 

Each of these local wineries produce vintages with distinct soil features backed by a long winemaking heritage. The wines produced here are a blend of Merlot grapes with deep, bold flavors, along with other local grape varieties, especially Cabernet Franc and, to a lesser degree, Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Choose one of these options best adapted to your wishes. All options will be available to purchase during the booking process

To make this exclusive Saint Emilion wine tour full day trip from Bordeaux unique, we have made it possible for you to choose from a selection of options so that the tour is adapted to your priorities. During the booking process, you will be prompted to choose one of the options below. Just select the one that you prefer and the tour will be automatically adapted to your preferences.

Option 1 – Visit & Wine tasting in a Grand Cru Classé Chateau and a private visit of the underground monuments of Saint Emilion

Visit a Grand Cru Winery: 

This option is perfect for those of you who wish to combine wine & heritage. In the morning, upon arrival in St Emilion, we will take you to one of our carefully selected partner wineries known for the quality of the wines they produce. Your Ophorus guide will be with you during the visit so don’t hesitate to ask any questions. 

Whether you have questions about history, technique, flavors, aromas, food & wine pairings don’t hesitate to ask them anything that relates to wine to make this full day a very special one. Visit classified Growth Chateau, technical installations and cellars and participate in a commented tasting of the Chateau wines.

Private visit of the Underground Monuments: 

Probably the highlight of Saint Emilion village, is the underground Monolithic Church. The foundation of the church is built directly into the limestone of the rocky site, a rare construction feat. 

From the history of the founding monk of the village, to the digging of the surprising monolithic church, the visit will enable you to discover 4 monuments : the hermitage of Émilion, the Trinity Chapel and its medieval paintings, the catacombs as well as the underground church. Our certified licensed guides have the authorization to conduct private guided tours in this monument so just follow your guide and learn about the history and heritage of Saint Emilion. 

Option 2 – Visit & Wine tasting in 2 Grand Cru Chateau of Saint Emilion

Visit of 2 Grands Crus wineries: 

This option is perfect for those that want to experience a more in depth wine tour. We will take you to two very different wineries so that you can understand how techniques and production can vary from one winery to another. 

On this type of wine tour in Saint Emilion we combine the visit to a very modern winery with that of a more traditional, family owned one. By doing so, it will be possible for you to better comprehend the technical transformations that have taken place over the years and what are the principal differences between traditional and modern winemaking and the repercussions this has on the structure, characteristics and aromas of the wines produced.

Walking tour in the village: 

This option also includes a walking tour with your guide in the village of Saint Emilion. Discover the most significant landmarks of the village and retrace the history of a famous Monk. Stroll through the quaint, cobbled stone streets of this medieval town. 

Listen as your tour guide recounts local history, from the days of the 8th century hermit Emilion, to the 19th century mining galleries, which still lie beneath the village. It is no coincidence that Saint Emilion has been awarded the Unesco World Heritage status in 1999. After the walk, enjoy some free time to explore on your own in the village. 

Option 3 – Combine Saint Emilion with Pomerol and Visit 3 Wineries 

This option is a perfect choice for both novice and wine connoisseurs alike who want to experience 2 very different appellations of the right bank. By choosing this option, you will participate in 2 visits and wine tastings in the Saint Emilion appellation (as in option 2) to which we will add 1 visit & wine tasting in the Pomerol appellation. 

Pomerol is located right next to the Saint Emilion appellation. The south and west part of the appellation have sandier soils compared to the slightly heavier soils in the east, which include a certain proportion of clay. It is in this eastern section, on the marginally higher land where Pomerol meets Saint-Émilion, that the best wines are produced. 

Three of the most highly regarded Pomerol producers – Pétrus, Lafleur and Le Pin – are located here. Merlot is the dominant grape in Pomerol and plays a large part in making the wines rich, smooth and approachable at an early age, while also being capable of extended aging. Cabernet Franc is also often present, adding structure and an element of savory spice. These characteristics mean Pomerol wines are much sought after on the international market.

The combination of two different appellations will allow you to dig deeper into the notion of ‘terroir’ which is the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. This is where the expertise of our guides will show all its importance as you benefit from their knowledge to better comprehend this essential french notion when it comes to wines.

The legend of Emilian 

The first indications of human settlements in the area date back to the Roman Empire, but the story of Saint Emilion starts in the eighth century AD. At that time, a monk from Brittany, fleeing persecution in his hometown of Vannes sought refuge in one of the natural caves near the settlement of Ascum Bas.

Although he lived the simple and secluded life of a hermit, Saint Emilion allegedly performed several miracles from his Aquitaine hideaway. Soon, his renown spread far beyond the town and region, bringing pilgrims and disciples from far afield to visit him. The small settlement grew fast as it became a religious center. 

After Saint Emilion died, his followers made sure he would be remembered by giving the town of Ascum Bas the new name of Saint Emilion.Much later, monks developed more intensive and widespread vineyards. This is when the reputation for Saint Emilion wines started building towards what it is today. 

The rich Merlot-based blends of these fertile plains have given local wines a great appeal, and several wines produced in chateaux near Saint Emilion have been given the highest possible awards under the French appellation wine rating system.

Starting Location
2 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux, France.
Itineraries are subject to change.
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