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Scenic Flights

Explore the Majestic Beauty of Canyonlands National Park

94 W Aviation Way, Moab, UT 84532, USA

Activity provided by Redtail Air & Pinnacle Helicopter

1 hours (approx.) - English

Redtail Air & Pinnacle Helicopter

Superbly colored and varied, views of these features are breath-taking from the ground, but even more amazing to behold from the air. See more on this tour than in three days of world-class hiking in the park.

  • 1000-foot high cliffs rising above the Colorado and Green Rivers
  • Serpentine drainage systems carved into the terrain
  • Upheaval Dome at the northern end
  • Needles District with its colorful spires and cliffs
  • Angel Arch, Druid Arches, Elephant Arch, Kirk Arch, Wedding Ring Arch and Castle Arch
Take a breathtaking airplane tour of Canyonlands National Park's northern district, Island in the Sky. Marvel at the 1000-foot high cliffs that border the Colorado and Green Rivers, and the intricate serpentine drainage systems below. Get a glimpse of Upheaval Dome at the northern end, and the Confluence of the two rivers at the district's southernmost point. Then fly to the Needles District, the most colorful and picturesque portion of Canyonlands. Admire the pink and white bands of its spires and cliffs, and the famous arches of canyon country, including Angel Arch, Druid Arches, Elephant Arch, Kirk Arch, Wedding Ring Arch, and Castle Arch. This flight offers a unique opportunity to see these stunning features of the national park from a bird's-eye view, without the need for multi-day hikes or permits. Children 12 years and younger fly for free!

-1000-foot high cliffs
-Colorado and Green Rivers
-Serpentine drainage systems
-Upheaval Dome
-Confluence of the two rivers
-Needles District
-Pink and white bands
-Angel Arch
-Druid Arches
-Elephant Arch
-Kirk Arch
-Wedding Ring Arch
-Castle Arch
-Bird’s-eye view of the vastness of the national park

Starting Location
94 W Aviation Way, Moab, UT 84532, USA.
Itineraries are subject to change.
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