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Sip and Sample Tasmania: Enjoy 30+ Beverages and Cheese!

Shop M1/54 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Activity provided by The Derwent Experience

7 hours (approx.) - English

The Derwent Experience

Taste the very best of Tasmanian Sparkling, Red & White Wine, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Ale, Cider and more. A superb day of tasting, gorgeous locations, variety, relaxing, idyllic countryside, story and exploring – all from Hobart.

  • Five beautiful venues with all drinks included
  • Expert commentary, informative, engaging
  • Safe and comfortable transport, small group focus
  • Meet other interesting, curious Folk
  • Explore with a local who is energised by guests having a good time

“Love the variety” 

“That was surprising” 

“Can I have a little bit more of the…”

These are just some of the comments from our guests as together we enjoy a day indulging your senses, primarily via lovely glassware.

Our Tour in a nutshell:

  •    Five beautiful venues with all drinks included.

  •    Sparkling, Reds, Whites, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Liqueurs, Cocktails, Ales, Cider and more

  •    New Norfolk and Richmond – the best of Tasmania’s small towns

  •    Complimentary coffee/hot beverage in New Norfolk prior to first tasting.

  •    Cheese platter + bread with wine in 1820’s cottage/cellar door – perfect light lunch.

  •    Expert commentary, informative, engaging – increase your knowledge and appreciation.

  •    Safe and comfortable transport, small group focus.

  •    Insurances, permits, accreditations.

  •    Meet other interesting, curious Folk – Tasting Tour People are the Best!

  •    Explore with a local who is energised by guests having a good time

  •    Contact us for private and custom bookings, different dates.

Fuller description:

Completely relax as you taste over 30 “adult” drinks, driven in safety and comfort through beautiful Tasmanian countryside taking in both the Derwent and Coal Valleys, New Norfolk and Richmond. 

It’s an easy-going tasting tour yet also sophisticated, with something for everyone, and designed to be balanced, unhurried, stimulating, informative and lots of fun. By the end of the tour, you will be “happy” and feeling great, but not overly – hydration throughout the day of course.

A highlight of the day, beyond just the drinks, are the people we meet along the way: The Owners, the Makers, passionate locals, real Taswegians – you will have many enjoyable encounters. 

New Norfolk, Richmond, the Derwent River and beautiful countryside we pass through all bubble up to give visitors and locals alike a real sense of place, history and stewardship – good things come from good places via good people. You can taste that on this tour as well.

We start with a coffee and a stroll in New Norfolk on our way to New Norfolk Distillery. This is Tasmania’s only dedicated Rum Distillery, with the Rum, Gin and other “Rebellious Spirits” sure to get the party in your mouth started. 

Diversity, blending and mixing, neat or sweet – your preferences and drinks knowledge will be challenged and expanded right off the bat. 

We then travel a little further up the (Derwent) Valley, following the (Derwent) River, veer off the sealed road just past the beehives, onto a Farm, and arrive at the marvelous Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ale & Cider. Recently voted as one of the top five unique experiences all alcohol connoisseurs should add to their Tasmanian itinerary, we enjoy in a wonderful setting some truly authentic, non-conforming, wild fermented, barrel aged ales and ciders with nothing but grains, fruit, water and time added. Delicious, fun and educational.

Our next visit is Derwent Estate Winery for exemplary cool climate wines that showcase the complexity and delicateness of Tasmanian Wines. Sparkling, Whites, Reds and Dessert Wines with a lovely cheese platter and sourdough bread, the best of Tasmanian Wine and Cheese at one of our finest Cellar Doors, giving you real insight into the quality Tasmania is impressing the world with.  

Crossing over the river, our next venue is Charles Reuben Estate on the doorstep of the Coal Valley. Talk about a busy Family enterprise. We meet the owners in the shed where all of the distilling, stomping and bottling takes place, as close to the source of drink making as you can get. There are some lovely surprises here, a wonderful place to get curious and enjoy a completely unpretentious tasting experience. 

Richmond is a gorgeous little village brimming with ye old world charm, and a slow drive up and down the main street, across Australia’s oldest functioning bridge with some choice words is the right thing to do. We then drive through the scenic Coal Valley for one final tasting before our AMAZING TASTING TOUR cometh to an end – depending on what the preference is we have several great options on the way back to Hobart, where over wine (winery), beer (micro-brewery) or cider (cidery) enjoying our final tasting, reminisce about how much fun we have had, and how many styles we connected with – a brilliant day most worthy to include in any holiday or even for locals to explore their own backyard with a designated driver.

We bid farewell from where we picked you up, or wherever you would like to be dropped off. 

There are many genuinely excellent venues to visit, and unfortunately, we cannot visit all of them. Below is a list of our favourite ones. We can change the itinerary and visits for group bookings – especially on days other than our sitting tours (Friday’s and Saturday’s)

Derwent Estate Winery,

New Norfolk Distillery,

Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ale & Cider,

Lawrenny Estate Distillery

Plenty Cider

Welcome Swallow Brewery

Derwent Distillery

Stefano Lubiana Winery

Charles Reuben Estate

Pooley Wines

T Bone Brewing Co

Last Rites Brewing Co

Simple Cider

A little bit more helpful information.

This full day tour is best shared with your partner or a small group of friends, but single travelers and explorers are also very welcome (as long as minimum numbers are met for the selected day)

Each tasting represents science, passion, risk and is accompanied with story, spread along a beautiful stretch of the Derwent River and through the Coal Valley. As warming and inviting as the tastings are, the emphasis of this tour is perhaps even more so on the environment and the sum of the parts, rather than just on the end product you will be tasting, smelling, savouring.

The land, the changing seasons, the river, the effort and the results all add up to a wonderful day that is as delicious as it is relaxing. 


  • Generous tastings at a minimum of four venues, led by venue Owners, the Makers or their friendly and knowledgeable staff. An abundance of quality information and authenticity.
  • Transport in our spacious Renault Master Bus with climate control, large windows, reclining seats.
  • Bottle purchases on the day to take home, or freight forwarding arranged.
  • Guiding that is matched to the group with the right amount of story and local information.
  • Optional mid-morning coffee
  • Cheese platter for a light lunch, including local Tasmanian soft and hard cheese, bread and olives


  • Tour includes everything you need for the day, except of course bottle purchases.

This is a 7-8 hour fully guided tour with numerous expenses included, dispersed amongst many small businesses supporting local families and their employees.

Private Tours

Please contact us direct for private tours, custom itineraries and preferred dates.

Capacity and Flexibility

We do have a minimum of 4 people for this tour to go ahead. Although, it is not so much the number of people, but the price point to make it viable. If you like this tour and its showing available on the day/s you want, then please contact me for a custom quote for fewer than 4. 

Pick up and communication

We can pick you up from anywhere in Hobart city – and we can recommend some good places to meet as well, especially if you require all day parking. If you require a pickup outside of the city, then we can discuss that particular arrangement and hopefully be able to assist.

Our service is quite personalised and we can accommodate most requests including residential group pick up.

This tour is perfect for locals and visitors alike. Minimum age is 18 to be able taste. Comfortable shoes are recommended, but for people with restricted mobility hardly any walking at all is required to go from seat to seat to seat, so the tour can still be enjoyed.

Thank you:

We are a small family business supporting other small businesses by connecting happy people with them – locals and visitors alike. We specialise in small group tours around Southern Tasmania with a particular focus on the Derwent Valley. 



– Variety of drinks
– Surprising experiences
– Coffee/hot beverage in New Norfolk
– Cheese platter and bread with wine
– Expert commentary
– Safe and comfortable transport
– Meeting interesting and curious people
– Exploring with a local
– Relaxing tastings of over 30 “adult” drinks
– Enjoying encounters with Owners, Makers, and passionate locals
– Sense of place, history, and stewardship
– New Norfolk Distillery
– Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ale & Cider
– Derwent Estate Winery
– Lawrenny Estate Distillery
– Plenty Cider
– Welcome Swallow Brewery
– Derwent Distillery
– Stefano Lubiana Winery
– Charles Reuben Estate
– Pooley Wines
– T Bone Brewing Co
– Last Rites Brewing Co
– Simple Cider
– Bottle purchases
– Cheese platter for light lunch
– Mid-morning coffee (optional)
– Comfortable shoes (recommended)

Starting Location
Shop M1/54 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia.
Itineraries are subject to change.
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