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11-Day Honeymoon Package to Explore Sri Lanka for 1 Adult: Negombo, Sigiriya, Minneriya, Dambulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Mirissa, Galle, and Colombo

260e Ashokarama Mawatha, Katunayake 11558, Sri Lanka

Activity provided by CTKTRAVELS LLC

7 days (approx.) - English


Negombo – Sigiriya – Minneriya – Dambulla – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Ella – Mirissa – Galle – Colombo (11Days/10Nights)Honeymoon Package( 1 ADULT)



Negombo – Sigiriya – Minneriya – Dambulla – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Ella – Mirissa – Galle – Colombo(11Days/10Nights)Honeymoon Package

1.Day 01 – Arrival at Colombo airport – Negombo

Stop 01

Negombo Fish Market

Stop 02

Boat ride on the Hamilton Canal

Take a day trip from Colombo or Negombo in the Hamilton canal and majestic Maha Oya to experience a tropical countryside boat trip to witness the riverine village life of fishermen, a Bamboo Forest, and birds.

This is approximately 3 hours boat trip and if you wish to stop for lunch, it will be approximately 4 hours boat trip. If the Sea conditions are right, we could make the return trip by Sea.

Stay Night in Negombo

2.Day 02 – Mawanalla

Stop 01

New Paradise Spice & Herbal Garden in Mawanalla.

01. The gardens introduce you to the different spices in Sri Lanka and their uses.
02. They also allow you to see how the spices are grown, harvested and produced.
03. High quality spices, traditional remedies and natural cosmetics made with spices are available
for purchase at very fair prices.
04. The Spice Gardens are also quiet, peaceful places to spend some time close to nature.
05. The gardens give a chance to try out amazing aromatic meals complete with the spices that
tease your senses are a favorite here as well.
06. The gardens are usually open for visitors, though some may charge a minor entrance fee. So
it’s a great way to spend your holiday if you are on a budget.

A guide will take you through rows of cinnamon, panda leaves, allspice , vanilla, and other spice plants. At the onsite shop you can buy different spice or herbal products for consumption or as a souvenir.

Stop 02

Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala

En-route visit the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawela.The orphanage was created to protect abandoned and orphaned elephants. It has now grown into the most popular elephant attraction in the country and with good reason, for nowhere else except at Pageants (processions) are you likely to see so many elephants at close quarters. The elephants are controlled by their mahouts (keepers) who ensure they are fed at the right times and don’t endanger anyone but otherwise the elephants roam freely around the sanctuary area.

There are many elephants in residence from babies to young adults. Among the attractions, you will be able to witness elephants being led to a nearby river for bathing. You could also see the feeding of the baby elephants which is the highlight of the visit.

Bathing at river – 10.00am – 12.00pm

02.00pm – 4.00pm

Fruit Feeding – 9.00am – 9.45am

12.00p.m – 1.45pm

Moving to Sigiriya & Stay Night Sigiriya

3.Day 03 – Sigiriya

Stop 01

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya is famous for its palace ruins on top of a massive 200-meter-high rock surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs and other structures. The rock itself is a lava plug left over from an ancient long extinct volcano. One of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is renowned for its 5th century pre-Christian frescoes.The climb all the way to the top can take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours – depending on your fitness, how crowded the place is and how many pictures you are shooting. As the view from the top is quite stunning and you might need some time to catch your breath, 

Stop 02

Sigiriya Village Walk

Take a real village walk through the rustic rural community of Sigiriya and Habarana accompanied by an expert guide. It’s not merely a walk only but an authentic encounter with the local village folk; experiencing their lifestyles, their culture and their hospitality. By authentic we mean it’s a true village scenario, not one set up as a tourist attraction. Since both villages are predominantly agriculture based, there is ample opportunity to experience conventional rice fields, vegetable farming, cultivation of native yams and other crops, poultry keeping, bee keeping and much more. It’s a pure interaction with the sons of the soil who laboure with the good earth to earn a living. For those with a knack for adventure, try climbing the makeshift “tree house” from where the villagers keep watch and drive-away the wild animals during the night. You will be warmly welcomed to see and even have some hands-on experience of what it’s like to be one with nature’s bounty. Let the cool breeze brush against your face as you head to one of their humble homes for a refreshing cup of Pure Ceylon Tea served with a piece of jaggery a sweet brown sugar made from solidified palm sap). You will also have a close encounter with fish vendors selling fresh-water fish brought from the nearby lakes, vegetable vendors with baskets of vegetables on hand-pushed carts or bicycles on their rounds through the villages. Learn the working of village industries such as clay brick making, starting from the crushing of the dry clay, kneading, moulding and finally burning in a traditional wood kiln. This one-of-a-kind experience will also take you through patches of jungle where you can witness chena or shifting cultivation (a primitive form of agriculture) in addition to plenty of birds and some wildlife. At the end of the tour, you would have experienced true Sri Lankan hospitality immersed with warmth and genuine smiles.

Stay Night in Sigiriya

4. Day 04 – Dambulla- Mathale

Stop 01

Dambulla Golden Cave Temple

A sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries, this cave monastery, with its five sanctuaries, is the largest, best-preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist mural paintings (covering an area of 2,100 m2 ) are of particular importance, as are the 157 statues. There are 364 steps in the Dambulla cave. Cave Temples. 

Stop 02

Aluviharaya, Mathale

The Aluvihare Rock Temple (also called Matale Alu Viharaya) is a sacred Buddhist temple located in Aluvihare, Matale District of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by hills, the Aluvihara cave temple is situated 30 km north of Kandy on the Matale-Dambulla road. The history of Aluvihare Rock Temple is traced back to the 3rd Century B.C to the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. It is believed that the King built the dagoba, planted the Bo sapling and founded the temple after the introduction of Buddhism to the country during his reign. Aluvihare Rock Temple was the historic location where the P? li Canon was first written down completely in text on ola (Palm) leaves. Many monastery caves, some of which exhibit frescoes are situated near this temple.

Moving to Kandy

Stop 03

Tooth Relic Temple

Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which houses the most important Relic of the Buddhists in Sri Lanka. A gold canopy was erected some years ago over the roof of the shrine room where it is placed.

After the parinirvana of Gautama Buddha, the tooth relic was preserved in Kalinga and smuggled to the island by Princess Hemamali and her husband, Prince Dantha on the instructions of her father King Guasave.

Stop 04

Culture Show

Stay Night in Kandy

5.Day 05 – Kandy

Stop 01

Peradeniya Botanical Garden

Situated in Kandy’s suburb of Peradeniya, the spectacular Peradeniya Botanical Garden dates to 1371. Once enjoyed for pleasure by a Kandyan queen, this spectacular garden is enclosed on three sides by a large bend in the Mahaweli River. A Kandyan prince’s residence during the 18th Century, in the early 1800s the leafy green tangle became one of the greatest Botanical Gardens in the British Empire. For a short spell during the Second World War, it was used as the Allied Forces Headquarters for the Asian region.

The gardens display over 4 000 different species of plants, regarded amongst the most superior in Asia. The highlight is the spectacular Orchid collection and a mighty avenue of palm trees. In addition to a plethora of flowering plants, there is also an extensive collection of medicinal plants and spices which can be spotted on your meander across the gardens. Encompassing over 60 hectares of sublimely designed lawns, pavilions and plant houses, the extraordinary array of Sri Lankan, Asian and international flora is a fragrant, colorful view on the eye. Gorgeous avenues lead on to sections exploding in bursts of tropical color and vast lawns dotted with enormous trees.

Stop 02

Kandy Mount View

Gem Shop, Batik & Silk Factory, Kandy Lake

Stay Night in Kandy

6.Day 06 – Nuwara Eliya

Stop 01

Ramboda Water Fall

Ramboda Falls is 109 m (358 ft) high and 11th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 729th highest waterfall in the world. 

Stop 02

Damro Tea Factory, Labookellie

Visitors having taken time in observing the manufacturing process of tea, need only to stroll a short distance, to enter one of the most desired locations in the hill country that being the “DAMRO LABOOKELLIE TEA LOUNGE”. It overlooks breathtaking views of tea gardens in all shades of green that carpet the slopes of surrounding hills & valleys and those observants could also spot within fields the gentle movement of tea puckers, nimbly harvesting the tender two leaves & bud.

Stop 03

Moon Plaines

The main attraction of Moon Plains is the mini–Worlds End at the edge giving a 360 Degree view of the surrounding peaks and towns. It is a Wide-open area with the chances of seeing wild boars, cows, buffaloes, deer and also a total of 105 bird species are recorded in the area of which 16 are endemic to Sri Lanka. Nine mountains of Sri Lanka can be clearly seen from the top of the Moon Plaines

Walk through Nuwara Eliya city & Fruit & Vegetable market

Stay Night in Nuwara Eliya

7.Day 07 – Nuwara Eliya

Stop 01

Horton Plains

The views are great but to be honest we have seen better views in Sri Lanka by speaking to locals and doing free hikes. The hike is an easy one and has some nice scenery which is quite different to the rest of Sri Lanka. The entire walk is around 8 km if you walk to World’s End and back, or around 9 km (5.6 miles) if you do the full circuit. With about 25 leopards roaming its hills, leopard sightings in the Horton Plains are not unlikely. But, the landscape and the climate, as well as the behaviors of these leopards, certainly make these sightings quite rare.

Stop 02

Abewela Milk Farm

Located in the hill station known as Ambewela (also fondly called ‘Little New Zealand’) is the famous Ambewela Farm. About 17km away from Nuwara Eliya, the farm seems rather out of place compared to the rest of Sri Lanka. Spanning 150 acres, Ambewela Farm is well-known across the island for its dairy products, even having its own line of products being sold all around the country at various markets. Here, the cows roam free, grazing on the green pastures of the farm, and the sky is almost always crystal blue. With wind turbines dotting the scenery in the distance, the peaceful farm is a great place to visit away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The farm was actually started with the help of the New Zealand government sometime in the ‘60s, and aside from producing milk, yoghurt, cream, and cheese, the farm is also a popular destination in Nuwara Eliya for foreigners and locals alike. The climate of the region can get rather cool, with annual temperatures capable of dropping below 17°C, but usually, it’s not too cold, but the crisp breezes are sure to lull you into a state of utter relaxation.
The farm is usually open from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. every day, but it’s best to call and check if they’re open before you head on over there as they sometimes close down the farm for extended periods.
The entrance ticket is about Rs. 100 per person, and you can purchase the farm’s products at an onsite outlet, so make sure to help yourself to some Sri Lankan cheese and yoghurt!

Stay Night in Nuwara Eliya

8.Day 08 – Ella

Moving to Ella by Train

Stop 01

Nine Arches Bridge

Ravana Falls

Ravana Cave

Trekking, Hiking, Nature Trail & Country walks, Horse riding in Ella

Stop 02

Little Adams Peak

The Little Adam`s Peak got it`s named after it`s big brother, the holy mountain Adam`s Peak, because of the similar shape. Adam`s Peak is further west in Sri Lanka, close to Nuwara Eliya, and is 2243 m high and a much more exhausting and more challenging climb! The mountain has however three names; Adam`s Peak (this is where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven), Sri Pada (Buddha`s footprint left by the Buddha as he headed towards paradise) and Samanalakande (Butterfly Mountain, where butterflies go to die). We had plans of climbing Big Adam`s Peak, but Espen hurt his knee so we settled for the “little brother” instead. The path up the hill to Little Adam`s Peak is easy to find and is marked by signs showing the way next to the 98 Acres Resort, to the right of this white Buddha. The beginning of the path goes through beautiful lush green tea plantations full of tea picking ladies. The Little Adam`s Peak, 1141 m high, is fairly easy to climb, with a good path all the way up. The trip took us about 2-3 hours in total (including picture taking). We also met some Norwegians on our way up, which we stopped and talked to for a while. On our way down we stopped at 98 Acres Resort, and had delicious lunch with spectacular views!

Stop 03

Ella Rock View Point

Ella Rock is located just a little outside of Ella town in the middle of Sri Lanka. The beautiful green mountains of Ella make the Ella rock hike a must do while staying in Ella. The total hike to Ella Rock and back to Ella town is 8 km long and takes 4 hours from start to finish. But schedule some more time for short stops and of course to admire the amazing view on the summit. The best time to start the hike is early morning because of several reasons. To beat the heat and to have the chance of a clear view and magical sunrise. But you have to be an early bird for that! If you want to see the sunrise you have to leave Ella town at 4AM. It’s best to have a headlamp so you don’t have to use your flashlight of your phone.

Stay Night in Ella

9. Day 09 – Mirissa

Stop 01

Mirissa Beach

Some of the major attractions in Mirissa are whale watching. The fantastic place of Mirissa is also known for its tune, mullet, butterfish, snapper, and being the largest fishing port on the South Coast. Great beach! Tides don’t affect the water level too much; the waves are not too strong – you can still swim and body board. There are bars on the beach and nice cafes with fresh seafood at 6pm every evening. If you walk to the left over the giant rocks you can get to a scenic hill covered with mangrove trees and palms.

Stay Night in Mirissa Beach Side

10.Day 10 – Galle

Stop 01

Koggala Still fisherman

Stilt Fishing is one of the most interesting traditional fishing methods of Sri Lanka. Though stilt fishermen make the activity seem easy and comfortable; stilt fishing requires much skill and balance. The practice started during World War II when food shortages and overcrowded fishing spots prompted some clever men to try fishing on the water. At first, they used the wreckage of capsized ships and downed aircraft, then began erecting their stilts in coral reefs.

Stop 02

Galle Dutch Fort

Stop 03

National Museum of Galle

Stay Night in Galle

11.Day 11 – Colombo

Colombo City Tour


Transfer to Airport for departure flight.

Tour Includes

• Accommodation on sharing a double/twin/triple room at the hotels specified in hotel collection.

• Include Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

• Transport in a Private Vehicle, inclusive of all Chauffeur accommodation, cost of fuel, parking & highway tolls.

• Private Transport with airport transfers in an Air-Conditioned Vehicle throughout the tour

• Service of an English-Speaking Chauffeur Guide.

Tour Excludes

• Entry Visa Fees, please visit for more details

• International / Domestic Airfare.

• Any expenses of personal nature.

• Tips & Portages.

Starting Location
260e Ashokarama Mawatha, Katunayake 11558, Sri Lanka.
Itineraries are subject to change.
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