Clare Valley Tours

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About Clare Valley Tours

Clare Valley Tours is
owned and operated by Dave Willson, colloquially known as Mr Willson.

Dedicated to providing authentic Australian tour experiences, and with the help
of Tom, both long term locals, we have a simple view of treating people as we
like to be treated, a smile begets a smile.


We subscribe to the
KISS theory in life. Local knowledge can’t be beaten and we’re here
to make you welcome and provide you with a relaxed, fun stay.


A Clare Valley
experience is like no other. Clare Valley Tours offer an insightful fun filled
day(s), engaging with the locals, travelling back tracks and over private
property going where others can’t go, with views that others don’t see.
We’re not an ordinary show, we are extraordinary.


Listen to the tales of
the rich vibrant history anecdotal stories of the pioneers who shaped this


Small Group Tours provided by Clare Valley Tours
Small Group Tours
7 hours (approx.)
Small Group Tours
6 hours (approx.)