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About Coonawarra Discovery Holding Pty Ltd

Visitors to the Limestone Coast in South Australia have a huge range of adventures and experiences to choose from. From the grandeur of the coastal cliffs to the intricacy of early nineteenth century architecture and everything in between (not least being the fabulous local foods and wines), the South East of South Australia really has it all.

Set in the heart of this sprawling, lush green landscape is the historical town of Penola, and its more famous partner – Coonawarra. Established in 1850, Penola/Coonawarra is the ideal base camp for your Limestone Coast explorations. It is centrally located in respect of the best wineries, farms, restaurants and natural attractions, such as Caves, Cliffs, Beaches, Bush and Rivers – and you see all of these in just one day if you want.

Coonawarra Discovery has been providing accommodation and touring services for Limestone Coast visitors since 2001 and has consistently been rated the number #1  tourism operator in the region. Run by locals, Coonawarra Discovery offers personalised tours with optional accommodation choices that are the most memorable, the most fulfilling and the most unique available.

We will take you places in the Limestone Coast that others do not even know about! And once you have lived through it, you will be recommending it to your friends with fabulous photos of your experience that cannot be replaced. Come with us down the paths less trodden and discover Penola and Coonawarra through our eyes – its best place on earth.

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