Mr. Mick Cellar Door & Kitchen

South Pacific,Australia,South Australia

About Mr. Mick Cellar Door & Kitchen

Mr. Mick
Wines, Cellar Door and Kitchen are named after the late K.H. (Mr. Mick)
Knappstein, an Australian winemaking legend and Tim Adams’ mentor and friend.
Tim and his wife Pam are proud custodians of the landmark property at 7 Dominic
Street, Clare that now bears his name and houses a renowned restaurant, cellar
door and gallery.

Tim and
winemaker Brett Schutz, continue Mr. Mick’s philosophy of making “affordable wines
for everyone to enjoy”, introducing consumers to new and different varietals as
well as crafting fine quality traditional wines.

 Mr Mick’s Kitchen and Cellar Door are open daily

Wine Tasting provided by Mr. Mick Cellar Door & Kitchen