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About Tasmanian Safaris

Tasmanian Safaris tours are designed for those who want to choose their own adventure

No one offers a wider range of walks and activities in one tour than Tasmanian Safaris. See the iconic destinations as well as the out of the way places that only our trusted company can show you.  Along the way choose from a great selection of activities such as swimming with seals, rafting, canyoning, canoeing, mountain biking, and more. If these activities are not for you, simply join your guide for more world class walking in the area

Small groups – Vehicle supported – Private camps in amazing locations. Enjoy good food by the fire and watch the local wildlife. Simply the best way to experience Tasmania for those who love the great outdoors.

As an ECOtourism business, we strive to provide unique tours that showcase the many wonders of this beautiful island. Our multi-day tours showcase a wide variety of landscapes by guiding our clients through a series of day walks and providing accommodation in low- impact, custom-built campsites that allow closer interaction with the environment than any ordinary sightseeing tour can offer.

The amount you need to carry on walks is minimal as we are supported by vehicles. Campsites feature large canvas tents on wooden platforms complete with stretcher beds to ensure a good sleep. For added comfort our campsites all have toilet facilities, and most have shower facilities.

Customised group tours, from remote hiking to luxury escape experiences, can be easily arranged with our network of unique accommodation providers.

Our 5 day Safari tours (East or West) offer quality time to spend our days walking not only the iconic locations but also some out-of-the-way places near untouched by man. Of a night, sit around the camp fire and enjoy good food with a focus on local Tasmanian fresh produce.

Popular with free and independent travelers, families and those seeking meaningful tour experiences accompanied by guides who are passionate about the environment they work in. We participate in a green guardians program that offers the chance for clients to volunteer in shore-bird surveys as part of the tours.

Shorter tours are available to those with less time. Visitors to Launceston can enjoy our short tours on the Tamar River on foot-powered Hobie canoes.


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